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2014-2015 Kia Optima Mobile Telematics System 965102T200

The 2014-2015 Kia Optima Mobile Telematics System, part number 965102T200, is a sophisticated technology component designed to enhance connectivity and provide advanced features in your Kia Optima. It enables features such as remote vehicle monitoring, diagnostics, and control via a mobile app, allowing you to stay connected with your vehicle from anywhere.

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Part Number 965102T200
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2014-2015 Kia Optima Mobile Telematics System 965102T200

  • Used.
  • Factory, OEM Tested Excellent Working Condition.
  • The 2014-2015 Kia Optima Mobile Telematics System 965102T200 is an integrated system designed to provide various connectivity and convenience features for drivers and occupants of the vehicle.
  • Telematics Features: The system offers telematics capabilities, allowing users to remotely access and control certain vehicle functions using a smartphone or other compatible mobile devices. This may include features such as remote start, door lock/unlock, vehicle tracking, and diagnostics.
  • Remote Services: With the mobile telematics system, drivers can remotely start their vehicle’s engine, lock or unlock doors, and activate the vehicle’s panic alarm from a distance using a dedicated mobile app or web portal. This adds convenience and security, especially in situations where immediate access to the vehicle is needed.
  • Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring: The system may include GPS tracking functionality, enabling owners to locate their vehicle in real-time using a smartphone app or web interface. This feature can be useful in tracking the vehicle’s location, monitoring its usage, and providing added security in case of theft.
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